Fun Fly 15

The model is a 36″ span, 27″ long 3 or 4 function design for out and out stunt flying and R/C combat. Having said this it is still a very easy model to fly either fast or slow and should not present any problem once you have mastered your first “Low Winger”. It is ideally suited for any .15 to .25 engine. The model features a “box type” fuselage which is very quick and simple to construct and very rugged in service. The wing is of built of construction using pre-cut ribs and is much quicker to construct than a foam wing and both lighter and stronger. The “tail feathers” are also pre-cut. Talking of wood, every piece used is selected for its particular job in the model to give optimum strength and minimum weight.

The model is a one piece design and is ready to go straight out of the car boot. Hand launching is the normal method of taking off, tranny in one hand, “Double Tops” with the other! Once airborne you will find the model a delight to fly with no vices at all throughout the speed range. The A/C weights in at 2 to 2.5lbs depending on the radio gear and engine, giving it an incredibly low wing loading or around 10oz per square foot, with supreme manoeuvrability and a “Hawk” like hover on the slightest breeze. With a 500MAH battery, standard R/X and 3 standard servos the prottype weighed in at 2lbs 2oz. 

When used for general sports flying the model will easily “do the book” and then some, like hooping from ground level or touch and goes using the tail! The fun Fly 15 also excels at pylon racing and R/C combat which have to be two of the most exciting things possible with model aircraft. A slightly less heated pastime is formation flying which has much more chance of success when flown with the same type of models. It has also been converted to electric power and used unpowered as a slope soarer. Versatile, cheap, rugged, easy to fly.

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