Frequently Asked Questions

We use medium density white foam for the most “normal” types of wings but we also stock high density “blue” foam, which is often used in gas turbine models.
Most wing panels are covered in grade “A” obechi although various other modern synthetic products are available should you require them.
We make every effort to deliver orders within one week.
Yes we can supply all the extra wooden components to complete your wing.
Yes cut outs, cable tunnels, joining tubes, spars, etc, etc can all be produced.
We use various couriers for delivery depending on size and weight, however larger items travel by Parcel force or Citilink. A few by “Airmail”!
“Normal sized” wings will cost £60-70 per pair + p&p.
We can produce tailplanes, elevators, fins, rudders, foam fuselage decking and even floats for seaplanes.
Unless we have the details in stock (as we do for many designs) we will require a sketch plan of the panel and a drawing of the root and tip rib section.
You will get two wing panels made from medium density white foam covered in grade “A” obechi. Any required dihedral and washout will be done and fibreglass joining tape is also included.
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