F86 Sabre

Our model is powered by the standard Engine/Tractor propeller system avoiding the vast complication and expense of ducted fan propulsion. Obviously as soon as the engine is running the prop’ becomes invisible and does not detract from the jet looks of the Sabre.

Whilst on the subject of looks, the F86 features the classic swept wings, tail group and distinctly rounded fuselage of the 50’s aircraft which took part in the first ever Jet -v- Jet combats in the Korean war. The fuselage of the model is made of pre-cut “Lite Ply” formers which are then planked. The wings are obechi veneered foam and the tail group is of pre-cut balsa sheet.

Also included are vacuum formed crown and canopy and a full accessory pack containing wheels, tank, engine mount, pilot figure, snakes and all the screws and linkages required to complete the aircraft. U.S.A.F. decals are available separately should you require them. The F86 is no more difficult to fly than any other sporty “low-winger”, although swept wing models do require a bit more concentration for the initial flights with regards to orientation. The Sabre is capable of most aerobatic manoevres and looks its best pulling steep banked sweeping turns, large loops and long slow rolls. On landing the model is definitely a “floater” tending to glide on more than you would expect from a jet fighter. 

The model is suitable for any 2 stroke engine from .40 to .61 cubic inches and depending on this and the covering method used, its weight can be anywhere between 4.5 and 5.75lbs. The aircraft has also been converted and flown on electric and IC D/F and will take small retracts if you so wish. If P.S.S is your preference then the Sabre without engine, tank, etc. comes out at 3lbs and makes it a very classy glider. Its vital statistics are 47″ span, 42″ long and a wing area of 3 1/3 square feet.

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